Cryptocurrencies are: money, an asset, digital, electronic cash,commodity, property, virtual good,

The right time is now.

Cryptocurrencies are the most valuable asset-class in the forseeable future and it is expected to grow
at an exponential rate through the next decade.

Even with major pullbacks, bullish markets are here to stay. Crypto use-cases have been proven, full adoption is underway.

What we offer

In-depth industry
knowledge and highest
network access level.

Compliant corporate accounts
across multiple international
exchanges and OTCs.

Well Known experienced
third-party Fund Administrators
and Auditors.

Comprehensive Research and
Due diligence of every Token,
Fat Protocol and Dapp.

Some of the cryptocurrencies we invest

Bitcoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, Cardano and Filecoin.

Some of the cryptocurrencies we invest

65% - 80% Long-Term portfolio

35% completado (éxito)

These cryptocurrencies are appreciating every year. What we do is to carefully rebalance our portfolio allocations according to milestones and it`s roadmaps progress.

10% New Tokens Presale

90% completado (éxito)

We are constantly evaluating future ICOs. We only invest in Fat Protcols and a few Dapps. The tokens must satisfy the thorough 32 checkpoints due diligence process.

10% - 25% Active Strategy

75% completado (éxito)

We analyze market data using Technical Analisys and industry insights in orden to create Robust Trades Thesis using leverage of 2X up to 100X.


Open-ended Fund · Min. Contribution US1 100k · Admin: Tower Fund Services · Fund Auditors: Richey May.

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